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    Software and Solutions Team providing PK-12 software solutions and services to school districts and cooperatives for over twenty years.
    Innovation leveraging proven technology for educational success.
    of specific solutions customized to meet your needs.
    for listening and consulting. A non-profit, PK-12 focused organization creating and delivering collaborative, stable solutions for you.
  • eLearning System Solutions
    Expand your classroom to engage, motivate, and empower your students. We have the tools that will help you create that powerful online solution, whether you're blending, flipping, or completely online.
    eLearning Suite of Tools and Services
    • Learning Management System
    • Program Manager
    • Reporting Tools
    • Repository Storage for Content
    • Video Hosting and Streaming
    • Video Conferencing
    • ePortfolios
    • Integration Services
    • Custom Development
    • Training and Support
    • Network of fellow educators to share and collaborate.
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  • Student Plans
    Comprehensive and flexible software to meet the unique challenges of managing special education, individual learning plans, billing, health plans, 504 plans, esy and transportation.    - The proven solution
    What Sets Us Apart from Other Software Solutions?
    Universal, authorized case list access throughout a district or cooperative
    Never miss a detail: Completeness checks improve compliance
    Write clear, consistent goals by using a comprehensive goal and objective library
    Customize your forms
    Email documents and meeting notices
    Access multi-year document history
    Documents are kept current with MDE requirements
    Let Student Plans calculate service hours for MARSS
    Easy interface to most student information systems
    Student Plans is integrated with: – Sunrise River Press Nursing Library
    Seamless integration with the TRAX Transition System from Ten Sigma
    Links to data in the Viewpoint® data warehouse solution from cmERDC
    You are never on your own! Webinars and user meetings (in person or on-line)
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  • Viewpoint®
    Data Warehouse and Performance Management Solution
    Easy to use,
    proven data warehouse and performance management solution with
    integration to multiple data sources.
    Frees your staff from the raw, messy data crunching work and
    provides reporting,
    analysis and
    information to
    guide success in your cooperative, district and schools
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    Viewpoint is a registered trademark of Central Minnesota Educational Research and Development Council.
  • When it comes to SIS,
    having lots of experience matters.
    For twenty years, the Innovation Team has been connecting student information systems to other software. Our SSI interface is in use across the country supporting data mining, planning systems, e-learning and more. We have experience in almost every SIS and are ready to figure out more.
    If your district is going for SIF, we can support you there, too. We have developed SIF agents for our own products and would be happy to develop one for your needs, too. If you're just getting started and need to build your system, our Zone Information Server technology is a great building block to get on your way to success.
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  • Certified Nerds
    Driven by Great Educators
    For twenty years, the Software Innovation Team has been making great software for educators. Whether it's integrating Moodle systems, building your district IT systems, or writing world-class software to meet special needs, the Software Innovation Team has the skills to bring your system into the future.
    The Software Innovation Team does contract programming, partner development, education sales and marketing or consulting on your project.
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    For more information please contact Michael Schroeder     
  • You can't do everything, but we can.
    The ERDC Systems Group started as a way for school districts to share the cost of having access to IT experts on staff. We hired world class networking and server admins. We built a state of the art data center. Responding to each need, Back to School has developed a complete, one-stop-shop for your IT infrastructure needs.
    From hosted servers and networking, to onsite planning and implementation, to technical support for your IT staff or your users, the ERDC Systems Group is ready to help you move your district into the future.
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    For more information please contact Craig Torgerson     
    For questions regarding the Internet RFP please contact Steve Hallan     
  • Flipped or Not,
    Today's Classroom Needs Good Video
    If there's one thing that has become perfectly clear, it's that today's young students absorb information more easily with a video presentation. Books might be better but, it's no longer a choice. Video is the way young people like to learn.
    Fortunately, the Innovation Team has been helping schools meet the changing needs of students since the old days of 16mm film. Now, instead of checking out a film, we provide excellent online video resources for every learning situation and topic.
    Better still, we work with vendors that provide world-class content that is Moodle compatible and that are thrilled to provide you with a free trial.
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